Conference held in Paris, March 20-22, 2006

Our group presented 2 contributed talks and 7 posters:

Parsamian 21: High-contrast Infrared Mapping of an Edge-on FU Ori disc
(Ágnes Kóspál, contributed talk);
Looking into the heart of a young outbursting star: First AU-scale observations of V1647 Ori with VLTI/MIDI
(László Mosoni, contributed talk);

Posters (click on the images for pdf files):

OO Serpentis: an intermediate object
between FUors and EXors
(Á. Kóspál et al.)

Constraints on the nature of dust
particles by infared observations
(Cs. Kiss et al.)

Far Infrared Study of
SN Ia host galaxies
(L.G. Balázs et al.)

Long-term infrared variability
of the Herbig Ae star SV Cep
(A. Juhász et al.)

Investigation of the Vega-phenomenon
among F-type stars
(A. Moór et al.)

Infrared variability as a
new possibility to explore
circumstellar disk structure
(P. Ábrahám et al.)

Confusion noise due to asteroids:
from mid-infrared to millimetre
(Cs. Kiss et al.)

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