Publications - 2005


Infrared astronomy-related papers and proceedings

"Comets, Asteroids and Zodiacal Light as Seen by Iso"
Müller, T.G., Ábrahám, P., Crovisier, J.: 2005, Space Science Reviews, Vol. 119, p. 141
"The 10 um Feature of M-Type Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Dust Condensation Sequence"
Dijkstra, C., Speck, A.K., Reid, R.B., Ábrahám, P.:2005, Astrophys. Journal Letters, Vol. 633, p. L133
"Search for new T Tauri stars in the Cepheus-Cassiopeia region"
Tachihara K., Neuhauser R., Kun M., Fukui Y.: 2005, A&A, Vol. 437, p. 919
"The rapid fading of V1647 Orionis: the sudden end of a FUor-type eruption?"
Kóspál, Á., Ábrahám, P., Acosta-Pulido, J.A., Csizmadia, Sz., Eredics, M., Kun, M., Rácz, M.: 2005, Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, No. 5661, p. 1
"The Disappearing Act of KH 15D: Photometric Results from 1995 to 2004"
Hamilton, C.M., Herbst, W., Vrba, F.J., Ibrahimov, M.A., Mundt, R., Bailer-Jones, C.A.L., Filippenko, A.V., Li, W., Bejar, V.J.S., Ábrahám, P., Kun, M., Moór, A., Benkő, J., Csizmadia, S., DePoy, D.L., Pogge, R.W., Marshall, J.L., Astron. Journal, Vol. 130, p. 1896
"Analyses of the ISO/ISOPHOT database in preparation to the Herschel mission"
Abrahám, P.; Kiss, Cs.; Kóspál, A.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Moor, A.; Juhász, A., In: Proceedings of the dusty and molecular universe: a prelude to Herschel and ALMA, 27-29 October 2004, Paris, France. Ed. by A. Wilson. ESA SP-577, Noordwijk, Netherlands: ESA Publications Division, ISBN 92-9092-855-7, 2005, p. 477 - 478
"Determination of confusion noise for far-infrared measurements"
Kiss, Cs.; Klaas, U.; Lemke, D., Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.430, p.343-353 (2005)
"Analyses of the ISO/ISOPHOT database in preparation to the Herschel mission"
Ábrahám, P., Kiss, Cs., Kóspál, Á., Csizmadia, Sz., Moór, A., Juhász, A.: 2005, in Proc. of the The Dusty and Molecular Universe: A Prelude to Herschel and ALMA (Ed. A. Wilson), ESA SP, 577, p. 477 4.
"Low-Mass Star Formation in L1333"
Kun, M.; Nikoli'c, S.; Johansson, L. E. B., 2005, Protostars and Planets V, Proceedings of the Conference held October 24-28, 2005, in Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawai'i. LPI Contribution No. 1286., p.8343
"First AU-scale observations of V1647 Ori: The outbursting young star in the McNeil's Nebula"
Mosoni, L., Ratzka, T., Ábrahám, P., Kóspál, Á., Henning, T.: 2005,Astron. Nachr., Vol. 326, p. 565
"Mid-infrared imaging at the VLTI: An APreS-MIDI image reconstruction study"
Mosoni, L., Wolf, S., Lopez, B., et al. 2005,Astr. Nachr., Vol. 326, 566
" V1647 Orionis"
Kóspál Á., Csizmadia Sz., Eredics M., Kun M., Rácz M.:Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams, 308, 1 (2005)
Other papers and proceedings
"Energy transfer in W UMa stars"
Csizmadia, Sz., Ap&SS 296, 187
"Indirect evidence for short period magnetic cycles in contact binaries"
Borkovits, T., Elkhateeb, M.M., Csizmadia, Sz., et al., A&A, in press
"Indirect evidence for short period magnetic cycles in W UMa stars. Period analysis of five overcontact systems"
Borkovits T., Elkhateeb, M. M., Csizmadia Sz., Nuspl J., Bíró I. B., Hegedűs, T,; Csorvási R.: A&A 441, 1087 (2005)

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