Events and Activities - 2009


Jul 10-11: In the Astrophysics section of the "Balaton Summer School in Physics 2009" in Balatongyörök Péter Ábrahám gave two lectures on circumstellar disks around young and mature stars.
Jul ??: A Memorandum of Understanding is signed by C.P. Dullemond (MPIA) and P. Ábrahám on further formal collaboraqtion of the their groups on circumstellar disks
Jun 29 -Jul 5: Péter Ábrahám visited Leiden Observatory to continue the on-going collaboration with Ágnes Kóspál on mid-infrared variability of circumstellar disks, and to discuss possible joint projects related to the Matisse interferometer.
Jul 4: A film on our former PhD student Ágnes Kóspál in the Hungarian Duna TV.
Jul 1: Péter Ábrahám gave a lunch talk at Leiden Observatory on "The discovery of new warm debris disks around F-type stars"
Jun 24: Péter Ábrahám gave a talk in the Astro Pizza Lunch series at the Eötvös Lorand University on "Episodic formation of crystalline material in the eruption of a young Sun-like star
Jun 24: Judit Szulágyi graduated (Physics and Astronomy BSc)
Jun 18: PhD defense of András Pál. Title of thesis: Tools for Discovering Extrasolar Planets
Jun 8-18: Péter Ábrahám visited MPIA for collaborating on the analysis of additional data related to the eruptive star EX Lupi.
June 15: Kick-off meeting of a 2-years MPIA-Konkoly joint project on disk dynamics (funded in a bilateralk scheme by DAAD and the MÖB) held in Heidelberg (Péter Ábrahám, Nikoletta Sipos, Zsolt Regály)
May 19: Attila Juhasz (MPIA) and P. Ábrahám gave a joint seminar talk on crystallization of dust in the EX Lupi outburst
May 19: Our renovated new office (former optical lab) was opened in the framework of a small party.
May 15: Interview with Péter Ábrahám in the Talentum programme of the Hungarian Info Radio on the Nature paper.
May 14: Press releases related to the Nature paper: PR of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Spitzer PR, Nature PR, MPIA PR.
May 14: Publication of the Nature paper "Episodic formation of crystalline material in the eruption of a young Sun-like star" (P. Ábrahám, A. Juhász, C.P. Dullemond, A. Kóspál, R. van Boekel, J. Bouwman, Th. Henning, A. Moór, L. Mosoni, A. Sicilia-Aguilar & N. Sipos, Nature, Vol. 459, pp. 224-226, 2009)
Apr 15-22: András Pál and Judit Szulágyi visited Leiden Observatory to work with Ágnes Kóspál
Apr 7-9: Judit Szulágyi got first prize on National Young Scientists Conference (OTDK)
Mar 16-20: N. Sipos and M. Kun participated at the 2009 EARA workshop From Disks to Planets: Learning from Starlight in Leiden, Netherlands.
Mar 2-6: P. Ábrahám presented a poster at the Planet Formation and Evolution: The Solar System and Extrasolar Planets conference in Tübingen, Germany.
Feb 1: Viktória Asbóth, Elza Elek, Bettina Gergely, Sándor Király and Judit Szulágyi joined to KISAG
Jan 20-22: PACS PV Internal Review, MPE, Garching (Csaba Kiss)
Jan 20: PhD defense of Ágnes Kóspál. Title of thesis: An Infrared and Optical View of Young Eruptive Stars.
Meghívó, Theses in English, Theses in Hungarian
Jan 12-13: PACS Instrument Control Centre Meeting #31, Vienna (Csaba Kiss & Attila Moór)
Jan 1: Csaba Kiss, after a 16-month interruption, re-joined the Herschel project.

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