Events and Activities - 2006


Nov 23-25: Á. Kóspál visited L. Sturmann and J. Sturmann at the Mount Wilson Observatory to measure with the CHARA array. Unfortunately the observations could not be accomplished due to bad weather.
Nov 16-17: Kick-off meeting of the MATISSE mid-infrared interferometry project in Nice (France). Konkoly Observatory representatives are P. Ábrahám and L. Mosoni.
Nov 6-10: Á. Kóspál participated at the 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun. She presented a poster on the "Search for Long-term Infrared Variability in Young Eruptive Stars with the Spitzer Space Telescope".
Oct 16-25: P. Ábrahám visited MPIA, in order to collaborate on the analysis and publication of VLTI/MIDI observations.
Oct 3-4: Á. Kóspál participated at "The 2006 Greater IPAC Science Symposium" (SSC/IPAC, Pasadena, CA) and held a presentation on the Long-Term Infrared Evolution of Young Eruptive Stars.
Oct 1: Attila Juhász started with his 3-years PhD fellowship at MPIA, Heidelberg. His topic will be the analysis of Spitzer/IRS spectra of young stellar objects, under the supervision of Prof. Th. Henning and Dr. Jeroen Bouwman.
Sep 18-20: P. Ábrahám participated in the astronomical data analysis conference ADA4 in Marseille. He presented a talk with the title "Highly Processed Data Products in the archive of the Infrared Space Observatory", also on behalf of the ISO Data Centre (ESAC, Spain).
Sep 1: Nikoletta Sipos started her PhD at Konkoly Observatory, working on the field of star formation. She also contributes to the MATISSE mid-IR interferometry project. Her supervisor is Mária Kun.
Aug 29-Sept 3: Csaba Kiss visited MPIA for PACS FM ILT preparation
Aug 14-25: L.V. Tóth and M. Kun participated in the 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union . L.V. Tóth reviewed the results of a several years long project in his contributed talk "Footprints of trigger in large area surveys of the nearby ISM and YSOs" in the Symposium No. 237 "Triggered Star Formation in a Turbulent ISM". The reported investigations of the ISM structure and low mass star formation were largely based on IRAS and ISO infrared measurements.
Aug 9-11: The conference "Interaction of stars with their environments" was held in Visegrád (Hungary). KISAG talks: "Very low mass interstellar clouds" (L.V. Tóth), "Towards a better understanding of the FU Orionis phenomenon" (P. Ábrahám)
Aug 7-Feb 7: Á. Kóspál spends 6 months in the Spitzer Science Center (IPAC, Pasadena, CA) as a "Spitzer Visiting Graduate Fellow". Her supervisor in the SSC is David R. Ardila and she works on young eruptive stars as well as on debris disks around planet-bearing stars.
Jul 10-21: Observations of a sample of young eruptive stars and a set of highly variable young stars using the TCS and IAC-80 telescopes at the Teide Observatory (Á. Kóspál, P. Ábrahám).
Jul 5-7: In the framework of our Spanish-Hungarian Bilateral Agreement, M. Kun Á. Kóspál and P. Ábrahám visited the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (Tenerife). The goal of the visit was a joint publication with Dr. Jose Acosta on the young eruptive star V1647 Ori.
Jun 4-16: Á. Kóspál participated in the summer school "Observation and Data reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer" in Goutelas, France
May 27-Jun 1: Observations of dark clouds for a comparative study of extinction and infrared emission using the Isaac Newton telescope at Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (Cs. Kiss).
May 11: "Infrared Space Missions in the Far-infrared and their Legacy to the Virtual Observatory: 20 years of infrared astronomy at Konkoly Observatory"
As the closing event of our official involvement in ISOPHOT-related calibration work, a one-day colloquium was organised at Konkoly Observatory, on May 11, 2006. The programme included review talks on ISOPHOT and Herschel, on the life of ISO data in the virtual observatories, and short contributions on recent scientific results based on infrared observations. Details...
Mar 20-22: P. Ábrahám, Cs. Kiss, Á. Kóspál, and L. Mosoni participated in the Visions for Infrared Astronomy conference in Paris. Our group presented 2 contributed talks and 7 posters Details...

Feb 27 - Mar 2: A one-week training on the refined calibration of the ISOPHOT high-resolution P32 mode held by Dr. Richard Tuffs (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg). Participants were members of the KISAG group, as well as Dr. Lauri Haikala (Helsinki Obs.).
Feb 18: Public talk at the Hungarian Association of Amateur Astronomers on V1647 Ori (Á. Kóspál).
Jan 15-18: P. Ábrahám, Á. Kóspál, A. Juhász and T. Csengeri visited C.P. Dullemond at MPIA (Heidelberg) in order to discuss the usage of his radiative transfer code 'RADICAL'.
Jan 11-13: Four members of the group participated in a meeting for young astronomy and astrophysics students held at the Department of Astronomy of the Eötvös Loránd University. Their presentations: P. Ábrahám - "Infrared and Radio Astronomy"; Cs. Kiss - "Asteroid Model for the Far-infrared Sky"; Á. Kóspál - "Parsamian 21: Polarimetric Measurements of an Edge-on Circumstellar Disk"; A. Moór - "Debris Disks in Young Moving Clusters".

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