Events and Activities - 2005


Dec 1: P. Ábrahám and L.V. Tóth participated in the 1-day workshop "Frontiers of Infrared Astronomy" (on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Dr. Christoph Leinert and Prof. Dr. Dietrich Lemke), held at MPIA, Heidelberg.
Nov 1-6: Jose Acosta-Pulido (IAC, Spain) visited Konkoly Observatory in order to continue writing a joint paper on the eruption of V1647 Ori, as well as to write a proposal to the telescopes of Observatorio del Teide.
Oct 27-28: Cs. Kiss participated at the PACS ICC #23 Meeting in Garching.
Sep - Dec: A special colloquium is announced at the Eötvös University on "The physics of interstellar dust". The seminars, held weekly at Konkoly Observatory, review the properties of cosmic dust, the observational methods, and the role of dust in different environments from molecular cores to protoplanetary disks.
Sep 26: Sz. Csizmadia successfully defended his PhD thesis (Summa Cum Laude).
Sep 12: A 1-day visit of Bidushi Bhattacharya (Spitzer Science Center, Pasadena) to discuss common problems using asteroids for calibration in the Spitzer and the Herschel missions. The KISAG group is responsible for a confusion noise estimator for Herschel, and small asteroids may contribute to confusion noise close to the Ecliptic.
Sep 5-10: Four members of the group participated in the "PhD conference on Astrophysics of Variable Stars", held in Pécs, Hungary. Their presentations: S. Csizmadia - " " (contributed talk); T. Csengeri - "The young binary system AK Sco: wavelength dependent variations in the infrared" (poster); A. Juhász - "Infrared variability of Herbig Ae stars" (contributed talk); Á. Kóspál - "Infrared monitoring of the outburst of OO Serpentis" (contributed talk). Ágnes Kóspál won a shared first prize for the best talk voted by the PhD students.
Sep 1: After finishing his 3-years work on ISOPHOT calibration, Szilárd Csizmadia started a new contract on Herschel/PACS. His task will be related to instrumental tests and calibration of the PACS instrument.
Sep 1: A 1-day visit of Dániel Apai (Stewart Observatory, Tucson), to discuss future collaborations. Dániel gave a seminar with the title "Young circumstellar disks around normal stars and brown dwarfs".
Aug 6-19: M. Eredics and Á. Kóspál participated in the NEON observing school at Calar Alto Observatory.
Jul 30-Aug 10: P. Ábrahám visited MPIA (Heidelberg), in order to discuss topics related to infrared data on M-dwarfs, and MIDI observations of young stellar objects.
Jul 25-26: PACS Instrument Control Centre Meeting #22 (MPIA, Heidelberg) with the participation of Cs. Kiss. It was discussed and decided which tasks will KISAG coordinate during the PACS AOT tests in October 2005.
Jul 8: Cs. Kiss participated in the Herschel Calibration Steering Group Meeting (ESTEC).
Jun 10: Dr. Albrecht Poglitsch, PI of the Herschel/PACS instrument, and Dr. Eckhardt Sturm, deputy manager of the PACS Instrument Control Centre, visited the KISAG group. The goal of the visit was to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding between the PACS ICC and the Konkoly Observatory to define the Hungarian contribution to the Herschel/PACS project.
May 23-Jun 3: Frederic Zagury (Institute de Broglie, Paris) held 3 lectures on the extinction properties of interstellar dust.
May: Acceptance of an observing time proposal for the Spitzer Space Telescope ("Investigation of the Vega phenomenon among F-type stars of known infrared excess" by Ábrahám, Moór et al.)
Apr 28-29: PACS Instrument Control Center Meeting #21, MPE, Garching (Cs. Kiss)
Apr 18-24: Visit of Á. Kóspál and P. Ábrahám at MPIA (Heidelberg), in order to collaborate on the VLT/MIDI observations of V1647 Ori.
Apr 11-21: Cs. Kiss' visit at MPIA, Heidelberg
Mar 31: Seminar at Konkoly Observatory given by Ágnes Kóspál on "The 1994-2004 outburst of the young star OO Serpentis".
Mar 14-15: Participation of Cs. Kiss at the Herschel Interactive Analysis training at the PACS Science Center (MPIA, Garching)
March 3: Seminar at Konkoly Observatory given by Péter Ábrahám on "The structure of circumstellar material: what can we learn from infrared variablity?".
Feb 23-25: Visit of Roland Vavrek (Herschel Science Centre). He delivered a talk in the institute on the Herschel Space Observatory, and gave a 3-days basic course on the PACS interactive analysis software. The goal of the course was to train Hungarian astronomers to be able to start analysing PACS test measurements from the instrument ground tests.
Feb 12: We were involved in the submission of 4 General Observing proposals for the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Jan 18-27: Visit of P. Ábrahám, Sz. Csizmadia and A. Moór at ISO Data Centre (ESAC, Spain). In addition to participating in a progress meeting related to the preparation of Highly Processed Data Products, they also participated in the final demo meeting of the Virtual Observatory, and provided helpdesk support to two astronomers working on ISOPHOT data.

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