Events and Activities - 2004


Dec.13-17: Visit of Timo Prusti (Herschel Science Centre, ESTEC, ESA) at Konkoly Observatory.
Dec.9: Seminar at Konkoly Observatory given by Attila Moór on "Dusty disks around main-sequence stars - the Vega phenomenon"
Dec.8: Competition for students at the Dept. of Astronomy of the Eötvös Loránd University. A. Juhász won 1st prize, P. Veres won 4th prize. Both student will participate in a similar competition on national level, scheduled for spring 2005.
Dec.1-3: Herschel calibration workshop, Lorentz Center, Leiden (Péter Ábrahám, Csaba Kiss). Oral presentations: Cs. Kiss : "The impact of cirrus confusion noise for Herschel/PACS" P. Ábrahám: "Secondary standards for ISOPHOT" P. Ábrahám: "ISOPHOT-related calibration work at Konkoly Observatory"
Nov.30-Dec.1: Internal calibration meeting at ISOPHOT Data Centre (Heidelberg) on absolute surface brightness calibration. KISAG representatives: Péter Ábrahám and Csaba Kiss. Main topic: the evaluation of the performance of the new dedicated PIA 11.2 data processing software.
Nov.: Visit of Cs. Kiss at ISOPHOT Data Centre (Heidelberg), in order to collaborate on the checking and refinement of the FCS calibration of ISOPHOT.
Nov.: A Spanish-Hungarian bilateral intergovermental agreement is officially approved. The agreement will fund every year several travels between Konkoly Observatory and the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias (IAC, J. Acosta).
Nov.8-12: Visit of René Laureijs (Planck, ESTEC, ESA) at Konkoly Observatory. The purpose of the visit was to analyse and publish ISOPHOT far-infrared maps of Galactic cirrus. Rene gave a seminar at the Observatory on the Planck-mission.
Sep.-Nov.: The former Photolab of the Observatory is transformed into two offices including 4 new workplaces. In addition to serving as the permanent office of Á. Kóspál and Cs. Kiss, the renewed Photolab provides better environment for our students and visitors, too.
Oct.27-29: P. Ábrahám participates in the conference "The Dusty and Molecular Universe - A prelude to HERSCHEL and ALMA", in Paris, presenting a poster entitled "Analyses of the ISO/ISOPHOT database in preparation to the Herschel mission".
Oct.9: Talk of Á. Kóspál at BANACAT-18 (meeting for amateur astronomers) on the optical and infrare variability during young stellar evolution.
Oct.: Visit of Cs. Kiss at MPIA, Heidelberg.
Sept.27-Oct.1: P. Veres visited Heidelberg, in order to learn basic reduction steps of MAX data (contact person at MPIA: S. Ligori).
Sept.1: Péter Veres, a student of astronomy in his 7th semester, started a a voluntary practikum work in the group. His topic is to create and publish a mid-infrared photometric catalogues composed from all young stellar object observations obtained with the UKIRT/MAX camera. The project is a collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie (Heidelberg).
Sept.1: Attila Juhász, a student of astronomy in his 7th semester, started a a voluntary practikum work. He analyses infrared light variations of UX Ori-type young stars on the basis of ISOPHOT observations.
Aug 26: Talk given by Péter Ábrahám at the annual meeting of the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society (in Hungarian) on "A korai csillagfejlődés viharos időszakai"
From Sep 1: Ágnes Kóspál started a 3-years PhD fellowship at Konkoly Observatory. Topic of thesis: studying young eruptive stars at optical and infrared wavelengths.
From Sep 1: Csaba Kiss moves back from Heidelberg and joins KISAG again. His main work is contribution to the preparation of the Herschel satellite.
June: Successful final exam of Ágnes Kóspál, a graduate student who prepared her MSc thesis at KISAG.
June 29 - July 8: Visit of Jose Acosta-Pulido (IAC) at Konkoly Observatory. Topic: preparation of a joint paper on the eruption of V1647 Ori.
June 14-16: Travel of Péter Ábrahám, Szilárd Csizmadia and Attila Moór to VilSpa, in order to participate in the Mid-Term Review of the ISO Active Archive Phase project.
May 24-28: Internal calibration meeting at ISOPHOT Data Centre (Heidelberg) on absolute surface brightness calibration. KISAG representatives: Péter Ábrahám and Csaba Kiss.
May: Acceptance of two observing time proposals for the Spitzer Space Telescope ("Study of an ISO-based sample of Vega stars: towards a better understanding of the evolutionary sequence" by Ábrahám, Moór et al.; "Far Infrared Study of SN Ia host galaxies" by Balázs et al.)
Apr. 21: Seminar given by Sz. Csizmadia (in Hungarian) on "Fedési kettőscsillagok periódus- és fénygörbeváltozásai" (Országos Csillagászati Szeminárium)
Febr. 16-20 : Visit of A. Moor and Sz. Csizmadia at ISO Data Centre. Progress meeting on the preparation of Highly Processed Data Products.
Febr. 14 : We were involved in the submission of 6 General Observing proposals for the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Febr. 5-7 : Talk of Cs. Kiss at British-Hungarian N+N Workshop on "Sky structure and the ISO Data Archive"
Febr. 5-7 : Talk of Sz. Csizmadia at British-Hungarian N+N Workshop on "The Highly Processed Data Products of ISOPHOT - Hungarian Contribution"
Febr. 5-7 : Talk of E. Forgács-Dajka at British-Hungarian N+N Workshop on "Structure of the solar tachocline: confrontation of theoretical models with SOHO MDI helioseismic constraints"
Febr. 3-4 : Talk of Á. Kóspál at 3rd Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy & Astrophysics on "Long-term evolution of FU Orionis objects at infrared wavelenghts"

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