Events and Activities - 2002


Dec : P. Ábrahám visits the SIRTF/MIPS team at Stewart Observatory, Tucson. Seminar: "Infrared astronomy at Konkoly Observatory"
Dec : P. Ábrahám participates in a SIRTF workshop in Pasadena (USA)
Dec : A website for the joint preparation of SIRTF GO proposals is created (Emese Forgács-Dajka)
Nov : Meeting in Heidelberg with the goal of forming a consortium for joint preparation of SIRTF GO proposals (participants from Konkoly: P. Ábrahám, Cs. Kiss, A. Moór, Sz. Csizmadia)
Nov : Emese Forgács-Dajka joins the group. Her part-time job is the development and maintenance of the website.
Sep : Several members of the group join a photometric campaign on the eclipsing T Tauri star KH 15D. The observation are in the I-band, and the campaign is going on till April 2003.
Sep 27 : Re-organization of the Subnode's home page
Sep 1 : Ágnes Kóspál joins the ISOPHOT group for a voluntary practikum work. Her topic is the analysis of ISOPHOT observations of FU Orionis objects.
Sep 1 : Szilárd Csizmadia joins the ISOPHOT group with a full time contract for two years. His work is related to the Archive projects conducted jointly by the ISO Data Centre (VilSpa) and the Konkoly Observatory.
Jul 22 : The Konkoly - IDC contract "Technical assistance for ISO Active Archive Phase" is signed
Jun 24-27 : Participation in the conference "Exploiting the ISO Data Archive - Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age", 24-27 June 2002, Sigüenza, Spain (P. Ábrahám, Cs. Kiss, A. Moór). Presentations can be seen here.
June 17 : Seminar given by Lydie Koch-Miramond () at Konkoly Observatory on "A 2.4 - 12 micron spectrophotometric study of Cygnus X-3 in quiescence with ISO"
May 21-24 : 2nd PIA/CAL workshop at the ISOPHOT Data Centre, Heidelberg (P. Ábrahám). Two new versions of the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis software (PIA V10.0, PIA V11.0) were created with the help of Carlos Gabriel.
May 17 : Talk by P. Ábrahám on "ISOPHOT observations of the circumstellar environment of young stars" at the conference ISE2
May : Finalization of a calibration report on the footprint analysis of ISOPHOT-S (P. Ábrahám)
Apr 24 : Seminar given by P. Ábrahám (in Hungarian) on "Hideg porkorongok fösorozati csillagok körül: a Vega jelenség az Infrared Space Observatory mérései alapján" (Országos Csillagászati szeminárium)
Apr 19 : Submission of an offer for the ESA tender "Technical Assistance for ISO Active Archive Phase". We offer 7 man-years of effort to prepare interactively reduced ISOPHOT data sets for ingestion into the ISO Archive.
Mar 11-15 : Meeting of the Far-infrared Cirrus Colour project at ESTEC, Noordwijk. Participants: R. Laureijs (VILSPA), C. del Burgo (MPIA), P. Ábrahám (Konkoly Obs.). Topic: preparation of a paper on the far-infrared signature of dust clouds in the local ISM.
Feb : Visit of Cs. Kiss at the ISOPHOT Data Centre, Heidelberg. Topic: finalization and submission of a paper to A&A on "Small-scale structure of the galactic cirrus emission"
Feb : Announcement of a graduate work topic for students.
Jan 21-25 : 1st PIA/CAL workshop at the ISOPHOT Data Centre, Heidelberg (P. Ábrahám). Topic: creation of PIA V11.0, a new PIA version dedicated to improved absolute surface brightness photometry with ISOPHOT.
Jan : Talk of Cs. Kiss at the PhD conference of the Eötvös University on "The cosmic far-infrared background" (in Hungarian)
Jan : Start of a calibration project on point source photometry in the ISOPHOT minimap mode (A. Moór, P. Ábrahám)

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